Travel Information

It is easy to arrive to Lisbon International airport (Humberto Delgado airport). It is a short flight away from most European cities and 6/8 hours from North America. Lisbon International Airport has daily non-stop flights to and from the major cities in the world. Besides the Portuguese airline, TAP – Air Portugal –, all major international airlines offer flights from/to Lisbon.

The conference venue located at Instituto Superior Técnico is located 3 km away from the Lisbon international airport. There are different options to reach the conference venue and/or your hotel. If you arrive by plane, we recommend that you take the metro (underground) or a taxi when leaving the Lisbon airport.

The taxi is rather convenient, since the airport is close to the conference venue and to nearby hotels, and the price is likely to be around 10 €.

The metro is cheaper, and you do not need to change line. There is only one line at the airport (red line). You should leave the metro either at Alameda station or at Saldanha station to reach the conference venue (see network map)

Detailed information about these and other travel options may be found here.